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drone inspection SAMA TWAIQ

Drone Asset Inspection

A well prepared drone inspection strategy is crucial in monitoring the deterioration of assets. Service interruptions, faults, and general wear and tear caused by neglect costs tremendous amounts of money to correct.
drone mapping d model SAMA TWAIQ

Aerial Photography for Aerial Mapping

Aerial mapping using UAV’s provides a complete visual and data rich record of your work site or land area. A periodic mapping schedule allows site managers and stakeholders to monitor changes.
SAMA TWAIQ Construction Drone Photography

Construction Drone Photography

We are able to conduct regular identical flights over your site to monitor change over times. Improve contributor and stakeholder collaboration by sharing data to anyone with an internet connection, or creating reports in PDF format.
Sama Twaiq Energy


Safely inspect infrastructures (high voltage lines, pylons, power stations, dams …) without stopping production.
Sama Twaiq Agriculture


Spraying UAV is an effective solution for spreading and treating agricultural plots on more than 30% slopes.
SAMA TUWAIQ Photogrammetry


Complete or replace your topographic surveys with precise aerial 3D mapping by drone.
SAMA TUWAIQ Inspection


Ultimate solution for your georeferenced diagnostics and aerial shots in the most inaccessible areas.
Sama Twaiq Site supervision

Site supervision

Monitor the progress of the construction site in timelapse or orthophotos to facilitate the project manager’s work.
SAMA TUWAIQ Thermography


Ultimate tool for the thermal imaging of roofs or buildings and detection of defects on solar panels.
SAMA TUWAIQ Surveillance


SAMA TWAIQ Services provides aerial surveillance in different environments where safety is a priority.
Sama Twaiq Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning

SAMA TWAIQ Services innovates by offering aerial roofs and surfaces cleaning thanks to its sprayer drone.
Sama Twaiq drone services

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